Preparing for Periods

the real period project

Prepare your child for their first period in a fun and empowering way. Help them feel at ease talking about it both with you at home and in school with their friends. Set them up for a grounded and positive relationship with their growing body, and menstrual cycle when it comes. A one and a half day workshop ideally suited to children who will or already menstruate aged 10-12 and their mother/carer

We believe that when you starts your periods understanding your body and what it is doing, then you can grow into an adult who trusts your body and cherishes it for the miraculous creation it is.

Emily is a licensed facilitator of A Celebration Day for GirlsTM which is designed to lead groups through a process of learning about their bodies in a fun and empowering way, through being creative together and having lots of laughs along the way.

Our culture & media teach us that periods should be kept secret. No matter how hard we try to reassure our children, it’s all too easy for them to absorb the subtle message of their cycling body being an embarrassing, shameful thing, and they can start this phase of their life feeling isolated and afraid.

A Celebration Day for Girls is a warm, fun & reassuring day where everyone feels held and celebrated. We unpack culture’s messages and encourage in the group an ease and trust in their body as it changes. This really can have far reaching and positive effects in their lives.

Before the day itself there is a two hour Mother/Carers’ Session which offers a chance to discuss how best to support your developing child. Participants often comment afterwards how much attending the day together has strengthened their relationship with their child, often at a time when they had been starting to grow apart.

*Please note that although the name ‘Celebration Day for Girls’ implies this workshop is only open to young people who identify as girls, we welcome all genders and will always endeavour to work with all participants to ensure their particular needs are met. 

“A remarkable transition within such a small space of time. My daughter’s anxiety before the day was huge, discussing periods with strangers was going to be the most embarrassing experience, ever. She didn’t want to go and to be honest, with my own less than memorable childhood experience on this, I felt a little the same too. It turned out my own experience was very normal! By the end of the day course and to date, my daughter and I seem to have naturally rearranged any negative feelings into openness, understanding and acceptance. The bond between us perhaps deeper and our communication is more open. I am amazed at how one day of attention to this has achieved a positive long term transformation for us both.”

A Celebration Day for Girls was lovingly crafted by Jane Bennett over 15 years into the beautiful creation it is today. She continues to train facilitators all around the world to spread this work as far and wide as possible. Emily is both a facilitator and trainer for this work, and is the UK and Europe coordinator of Celebration Day for Girls. Contact us if you would like to arrange a day near you or enquire about training to be a facilitator.

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