the real period project


Feel confident and prepared to support your child through menarche and menstruation.

Our vision is a world where parents of girls (or non binary kids born with a uterus) everywhere feel confident and prepared to support them through puberty and the start of periods.

Worldwide menstrual shame and stigma make this harder than it needs to be. Despite periods being something half the world’s population will experience, they remain a topic that makes most people squirm. School can be an unfriendly place to have your period, and that first one comes out of the blue (even if there are good indicators it’s on its way). As parents, we can make a huge difference by being confident in how we prepare them for this major event.

Because as much as the culture of menstrual shame and silence may hide the evidence, starting your period is a big event.

We want parents everywhere to feel confident and ready for this transition. All parents, of all genders. The ‘period talk’ has long been the domain of mum, but if all parents are happy to talk about it, happy to make sure there are supplies ready, happy to support their kids through the ups and downs of puberty, this makes a massive difference.

We want to support parents in any way we can.

What we offer

Workshops for girls aged 10-12 and their mum/female carer.


For dads of girls of any age. Discuss staying close and connected to your daughter as she grows and matures in a safe and supportive space with other dads.


Books we recommend for supporting kids through puberty and periods.


Supporting, loving and empowering your daughter through puberty, during her first period and into a new life phase

An online course for mothers of girls approaching puberty, created in partnership with Red School. See here for more information and to enroll.

Coming soon – Prepare for Your First Period Kit – keep an eye out in our shop! In the meantime though check out our free download to make up a kit yourself.