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Higher Education

Real Period Project menstrual cycle charting program for students.

Starting in September 2019 we will be trialling our menstrual cycle charting program in secondary schools. Our next step, along with developing this as a program that teachers can take into their own schools, is to develop it further for places of higher education.

We believe that getting to know your menstrual cycle and how it affects your physical, emotional, social and intellectual abilities has the potential to help young people who menstruate plan their study time and build effective self care practices that in turn help build resilience. We are excited to see how this program will work with students in the future. Watch this space! Contact us if you would like your institution to be involved.

My Period resource

These innovative conversation-starter cards we worked on with Hey Girls are a great resource to use with students and indeed people of any age. You can purchase the cards from Hey Girls here

Let us know about your experiences using the cards with your students!

We can help you build a positive menstrual culture in your institution. The Real Period Project is delivering Mense Ed sessions in the UK. Contact us to discuss holding sessions.