Menstrual Cycle Charting

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Menstrual Cycle Charting

Menstrual cycles can be confusing. Our charting workshops help women, girls and non binary folks understand their menstrual cycle so that they can get to grips with what is ‘normal’ for them and what this means for their everyday life.

We are running two sets of charting projects. One in Bristol and Bath in schools and the other online with adult people who menstruate. We were lucky enough to receive funding to run the girls’ workshops free of charge. The online charting workshops will have a small charge and the option to pay more to subsidise other places.

Teen charting

In Bristol and Bath, Emily will be running a four month program, funded by the Let’s Talk. Period. Fund offered by Plan International and Brook. This will teach girls how to chart their cycle and to use their findings in their everyday life. She will also be offering training for school staff to create a more positive culture in their school for everyone who menstruates. Look out in the blog for updates on how the program is going. Following this trial we will be offering the program more widely, stay in touch if you would like to hear about when this happens. 

Adult charting

Melonie will be running a series of one off workshops and a charting development circle. The one off workshops will teach about the benefits and how to of menstrual cycle charting. Participants will leave with example charts to try out at home.

The additional development circle will take place monthly. This will be a space to discuss what participants are noticing through their charting and to work together to consider whether it points to making changes to their lives in the coming months.

Keep in touch if you would like to hear when this is available. 


We are currently running a survey to find out what people would most want from a group like this, please add your views here:

charting circle

You can download a sample chart from Natural Fertility Management ( here:


Contact us if you would like to be informed about these sessions when they start.